Mission Statement

The Band.

Music Gets Your Attention:
Music fills your ears, turns your head, and awakens you. We play music together to respond to oppression and injustice, to build and sustain our movements, and to bring awareness to the issue at hand. Prone to Mischief is a group of musicians who use their music to support causes of social justice, liberation, and equality.

Social Justice:
We work to eliminate all forms of domination (white supremacy, class oppression, patriarchy, hetero-sexism, ageism, ableism, transphobia, etc.) both through the practices and agreements of our group, and in the broader society as a band. We support intersectional movements that challenge imperialism, capitalism, and environmental destruction. We work together and support each other, exemplifying the principles stated above.

Diversity of Political Strategies:
We work together to make political art to contribute to struggles of liberation without confining ourselves to any one ideological tendency. We work from the perspective that a diversity of thought and tactics is foundational to powerful and effective movements. We believe these movements must be led by those most affected. We join them and support them.

Respect for Culture:
We draw upon music from a variety of cultures in order to promote social justice. We play music that has roots in struggles of liberation, educating ourselves about the origins of the music we play. We perform with full consideration of our values and the groups we support.